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by Luke Skyy

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S&S 04:06
Burn this mother fucker down Verse 1: Yet to be tested since I mastered writing confessions / Blasting through your left and right I do not brandish weapons / (Shut the fuck up!) / Pay attention / Let me bless you with my presence / 30 somethin’ year old adolescent still givin wedgies to freshman / a super senior mean demeanor green receiver finest cheeba / holy high sativa / hold your head up high to see me / your teeny weeny itty-bitty mean and greedy kinda shitty leader to your committee he’ll not be here this evening / in here we got ridiculously menacing sentences / penetrate then stimulate all the correct senses / jeopardizing answers before you’re given the questions / Hy-born Hy-mind Hy-Power / that’s what this method is / sequester your semester let you fester in your pestilence / is just a few words I wrote exposing all my excellence / waiting on the aliens to snatch up all your racist friends / then drop them in a crater hole / somewhere out in mexico / I don’t ever knock to enter the spot where you’re partyin’ / I kick the door up of its locks / shock spock up out his cardigan / like live long and prosper this! (bitch) / took the enterprise out for a spin and wrecked it in the lake Loch-ness is sleeping in / (WAKE UP!!!) / I’m from a school of checkin pagers playin sega / Damon Wayans upon the lames cause Payne I bring is Major / stranger to your savior / I savor you braver innovators not slavin days away to jump inside a graveyard / work hard to play hard / I think not / not when I'm knocking down goliath with a dingy slingshot / AHHHHHH / little bastards had it coming / I summoned something from amongst my guts then started struttin / never to soon to be / unleashing my buffoonery / none of this is new to me / fresh as fuck since thrust up out the sac / out swimming several hundred million mother fuckers just to stir up some trouble / come on and rumble with this might cat / This Leo’s lethal regal nimble feeble incognito / crafty neat-o Smeagol Frodo / talent scale reads several boat loads / setting sail with a rowdy band of cut throats / sinkin boats / stormin coasts / a pig roast / lets toast to Poseidon / it doesn’t matter where ya hidin / I’m the exact amount of pressure needed to produce a fuckin diamond / I’ll forever be mining / undermining your authority with deplorable tidings / like find a dick to shut your lips around / it’s time to be quiet (Did you hear that?) Find a dick to shut your lips around it’s time to be quiet / I should probably stop picking on you chumps / I’m gonna get people mad at me / sorry momma / I don’t know what to do about it / I can’t change who I am / this is who I am. Verse 2: It’s fascinating / how’s your back withstand those lacerations / how you fall in line / every time you practice patience / I cook up chaos / garnished with a dash of greatness / I clash with monsters just to get it crackin on your playlist / I climb up mountain tops to light my blunt off volcanic ashes / a fuckin outlaw closin fast on all your covered wagons / get off your ass ya bastards / stomp dance get disastrous / sever ties with ties kill your masters with fantastic damage / summer dawns the fall of winter spring into your being / ignite the biggest fire the universe has ever seen / around and round we go we moving like we serpentine / we knocked earth off its axis how you think we got this gangsta lean / (oooooohhhhh) / let’s do amazing things / like hunt a dragon clip its wings / fry it toss it round in sauce and serve it at your wedding feast / (aaaaahhhhhhh) / make em say the trail we blaze forever blistering / we burned it all down and we simply did not miss a thing / here’s a secret / never kiss a ring you’ll reign supreme / repeat / never kiss a ring you’ll reign supreme / take a seat / this here throne is fit for kings and queens / equipped with booby traps releasing a swarm of killer bees / should you ever feel threatened / furthermore there’s a switch / that’ll drop your enemies swiftly to a giant ditch / get your money for betting cause there’s a hitch / down below awaits a tiger / and they only get equipped with a stick / everybody loves a little action / started Rolling Stones we couldn’t get no satisfaction / started throwing bows when we wanted to get Ludacris / now it’s take this cup of joe / with a triple shot of mutagens to power up / too hot to be handled / I came from the grave to watch the cradle dismantled / advise you not to be changing that channel / quite possible turned into the work of a vandal / a jerk who saw fit to exit the house in sock and sandals / (damn) This is going to be the most fun you’ve had all day... Guaranteed 😊
Patient Zero 02:20
Verse 1: Feelin immense power killin time in this watch tower / murdered every second tickin in that passin hour / the last attendee wrote time’s a luxury on the bed post / I scratched it out then carved / time’s a construct / another hoax / how preciously valued are the moments that you are breathing / keep raising up your fist until you punch a hole in ceilings / keep stomping down on floors until you prance around with demons / breaking down foundations how we pledge our allegiance / let the nosey neighbors make their call to file grievance / reinforcements be arriving to a scenery depleated / escaping through a network we’ve constructed underground / likes of which would make the ghost of Harriet Tubman proud / we’re the forgotten / forsaken / bottom rung on the totem / the winds of plague are now blowing / hold on to your butts we’re topplin over / since conception it’s been dreadful / now we evoking change / played your games / broke your chains / zombies now / we want your brains Ay! / Patient Zero’s been Identified / found him walking through your genocide / stomach full still he starves / uncurable hunger those are his jail bars / Verse 2: Wicked / got your brain on a spicket / do not call me to kick it / I’m out to lunch / I roast it up enough to provide me a little crunch / saving half inviting all my fellow zombies out to brunch / like check out this spread / all my undead brethren / protect ya neck we’ll feast / like we roam the streets of heaven / most tenderized meats reside behind the eye sockets / nobody really use it / I do not see the problem / no longer hearing music / lost my appetite for sex / no problem reproducing / get infected with my breath / my dreams no longer lucid / not a bit of conscious left / I’m far from being stupid / I’m just weaponizing death / family’s at your neck / by the time you realize it / read the sign we redefine / what's a thriller in your night/ I read the sign / we redefine / what the fuck you call a thriller in your night /
Ceejay Franchize: At night I hear it calling / like a whisper in the wind / the fire in my soul I feel it sizzlin in my skin / it’s a full moon tonight / I might just let it have its way with me / I know the universe is speaking / I’m just waiting patiently / well that virtue paid off and now the stars aligned / I remember sittin in prison with my momma cryin / now I'm on the verge of taking off into the stratosphere / a perfect mix of pain and passion when you pushing past the fear / he leveled up now / senses all heightened / it's this feelin when your skill set was built for taking Titans / no silence of the night / just the sounds of excitement / no time for day walkin / we was busy fightin lycans / you guess what happened / they told me don’t mess with rappin / now he pullin bars with steady breath / heavy expressed with passion / but you next to nothin / don’t make me press that button / I play the game at every angle when I stretch the function Listen to the drums of war pound / Us marching is that sound Step into that lion's den / Watch a predator find his zen (x2) Luke Skyy: I create the masterpiece / that sees a peasant slay a beast / and licks the blood up off the blade / before returning it to sheath / peace peace peace / he doesn’t need it / he could be seated with kings / and instead he mingles with heathens / bleh / legends round the village say he’s fire breathin / the elders tell it as it’s killin with no rhyme or reason / he sits in quiet conversation with his gods daily / on a mission to convert a sinner into a soul in hades/ this is his legacy made infinite / pursuing every minute / as if it’s equal to a mile in distance / speeding round the edge of existence / pledges service to vengeance / the moment he lets indifference / lay waste to the resistance / say grace eat repeat / he’ll never know the taste of defeat / still every victory remains bitter sweet / comes out when the sun retreats / where the moon and stars peek / silence is the sound of a warriors heart beat Listen to the drums of war pound / Us marching is that sound Step into that lion's den / Watch a predator find his zen (x2)
This one’s for the ladies Verse 1: She parades about the jungle in attire that expose her skin / more vicious then any surrounding predator that’s found his zen / brave men enter her lair / never to be seen again / seduce em all with a stare / takes his hopes and dreams away / whispers in his ear you’re most certainly not worthy / she holds him close / cuts his throat / drinks him dry cause she thirsty / shows no mercy / was never granted such delight / when they were storming through her home in the darkest hours of night / yelling somethin bout a witch / snatching up her sleeping mother / gave a rope a little twist / made her watch as they hung her / truth inside the fables that are told to scare the children / propaganda imposed to keep from exposin true villains / those men set out to pillage meant to meddle in her business / must now bear full witness to a sorceresses hit list Bra-less victory (x2) Sacrifice to the dark lords is bubblin in the caldron / located what remains at sites where vultures fly around buzzin / a wife is losing sleep tonight worried bout her husband / cause he thought it all lore until he found out that it wasn’t Verse 2: Revenge knows no bounds / emits no sounds / it hears no things / it’s a bull in the ring / it only sees red / what you feel is dread / knowing there’s a doll with your likeness with needles in its head / seeing is believing still it’s never what it seems / summons up a succubus to fuck you up inside your dreams / muffle up your screams / place your hand firmly to mouth / taste the fear inside your sweat as your heart it begins to pound / aligned with retribution / problem meet solution / she’s storming through your homes like a martial law intrusion / find a place for safety / under bed or in the closet / finding ways to share the pain amongst the men who sought to cause it / I applaud it / do your thang miss / show the world why a woman scorned is most dangerous Bra-less victory (x2) Sacrifice to the dark lords is bubblin in the caldron / located what remains at sites where vultures fly around buzzin / a wife is losing sleep tonight worried bout her husband / cause he thought it all lore until he found out that it wasn’t
Luke Skyy: Get Gnarly mother fuckers! Cody Reed: Get gnarly Hands up / hands down / It doesn’t matter we out now / 2 MC’s getting lit at your pow wow Hands up / hands down / it doesn’t matter we out now / 2 MC’s about to blow up your downtown CR: I think we stumbled upon the top of the bean stalk / round here residing giants / buddy boy my team stocked LS: piping hot delivered fresh daily / the quest raised against your flesh / get branded like we’re hazing / (it’s amazing) / You sheeple commited to all your grazing / we’re unmatched / we’re unattached / reality keeps fading CR: into the darkness / yeah regardless man we travel LS: we’re hurdlin’ your burdens / while we’re slaughterin your cattle (what’s beef) CR: something we don’t fuck with like we’re vegan / out to conquer what we’re seeing like an early european / disease it will be upon you / it’s bubonic / this flu kill / headbangin duo like we Negan and Lucille LS: you zombies walkin dead can walk the plank / our sharpness like a machete / while your style’s rusty like a prison shank / don’t you thank / CR: You hearin him? LS: Nah Cody / they out here stuck in delirium CR: fuck machete man / our sharpness is Valerian Hands up / hands down / It doesn’t matter we out now / 2 MC’s getting lit at your pow wow Hands up / hands down / it doesn’t matter we out now / 2 MC’s about to blow up your downtown LS: This an astute observation / so check this revelation / we are the revolution / through with verbal polution CR: indeed, it’s time to clean it up / understand it / (with our powers combine we are) the rappin Captain Planet LS: This situation demands it / you occupational hazard / like an abusive security guard workin a shelter for the battered or CR: a peanut factory employee that’s deathly allergic / so go and eat a tide pod and start digesting detergent LS: we addicted to this nerd shit / we marvel at you comics / predatorial bird shit / you’re just my booty vomit CR: because after we digest you / ain’t no nutrients to feed a bird of prey / so without a word of delay you diarrhea like LS: SO LONG (bye bye) SEE YA / check into this moment / (it’s been) Fun (it’s been) vile (it’s bean) real and it’s potent / CR: (it’s been) done (with some) style (you should) feel it like emotion Together: So come Get Gnarly through these 2 microphones we holdin’
Verse 1: Yup, now he’s really in the mix of things / he tells a story puppeteered by his silly strings / gets the feeling that those movements they ain’t really his / which humbles each and every millisecond of his brilliance / once upon a dream clings to the innocence / once upon a human being clings to the ignorance / flees every chance he gets / fierce glance depicts / every subtle nuance in his past regret / still the blunt gets past to the left / his lack of fashion sense is fresh to death / he knows when to fold / when to press his bets / when the body go cold / got a soul that astral projects / forward, onward into the future / his Superman will never suffer defeat from his Luther / his momma made him promise he would always be a trooper / when shit is getting real he casually cuts to the bloopers / Like um, It’s all one long strange journey / nothing is everything from the womb to a final gurney / a soul yearning / a blaze burning / a page turning / to new chapters / it’s all one long strange journey / nothing is everything from the womb to a final gurney / a soul yearns / a blaze burns / a page turns / to new chapters Verse 2: Loose lips stay locked up / propped up with insight / when taking portions of the pie / chops himself a thin slice / stays within his rights to keep silent / thinks violence only controls the week minded / now he would preach it to the choir / they absentees / in the back with the pastor / on they knees / he needs nothing to believe / would’ve eaten from the tree of wisdom / when provoked by Eve / telling Adam to leave / stop being a puss / removed the tree from the roots / took it deep into the jungle far away from you crooks / castles and rooks / constructs a moat / complete with great white sharks and some jagged hooks / force of a thousand suns ignites inside / the time for movement is now / tonight he rides / fights with pride / bringing back that feelin of something to love in your life / like uh It’s all one long strange journey / nothing is everything from the womb to a final gurney / a soul yearning / a blaze burning / a page turning / to new chapters / it’s all one long strange journey / nothing is everything from the womb to a final gurney / a soul yearns / a blaze burns / a page turns / to new chapters / Ashlei Brianne everybody Ashlei: Long strange journey / traveling through space and time / long strange journey / get through the storm find paradise Triumphant ending*
BTW 00:58
Build that wall
It's Here 04:57
Verse 1: Beware of the things that’ll make your heart jump / straight out your chest like you sniffed the stardust / the freaks got out when you let them bars rust / take a deep breath / inhale the scent of blood lust / confidently walking through a world of illusion / is stuck in a stasis of constant confusion / obnoxious new kids / toss around the blueprints / while I’m lost in my noggin wonderin where my shoes went / (knock knock knock) / who’s this / knocking at my door / at 4 in the morn / this cold winter storm / is bringing in the hordes / of good guys with swords / this bad guy is home / all on my own / sufficiently stoned / stray from this poem / then I transform / out comes the claws / off comes the clothes / now I play host to a house full of souls / (whooo) / that was close / don’t be afraid / things round here sense fear thousand feet away / don’t choke / might be today / you’ll have to prove the strength of your vertebrae / utter madness / dive deep into your bag a tricks / fuck a rabbit / pull out your savageness / only one way that we can handle this / leave behind your pride / pack the bandages / blood sprays like paint on canvases / no time to assess any damages / pack up move out we’ll retaliate / find the head of the snake to decapitate / all the rebels band together at the rally point / gather round / simmer down / pass around a joint / we represent something that they can’t destroy / Revolution being something that they can’t avoid / and it’s here HOO HAA / We represent something that they can’t destroy / Revolution being something that they can’t avoid / cuz it’s here Verse 2: I’ve accepted the fact that I might be the problem / strongest mettle rest in my chest and not Wakanda / felt a depressed after not the momma / tooks his final rest a month before we elected obama / he would’ve loved to have seen that / sure he always dreamed that / his son with the same skin color could’ve been president if I didn’t bleed rap / only if he knew I could bust like a knee cap / egad / react, stick like I’m tree sap / none of y’all bees wax how I got this far / went soul searching couldn’t find a single flaw / found every element to build a shining star / refuse to lift a single brick to construct your wall / can’t have these hands I’d rather cut em off / these business men assemble clans / out in your shadow lands / that live above the law so / throw the empire into the trash heap / incinerate the whole thing then spit on the ashes / take the whip from the fascist / strike with passion / do not pause to consider we can skip the dashes / we the pick of the litter / something that they’re not up against and that’s a quitter / catch em with their pants down sittin on the shitter / broadcasting this through all transmitters / (we coming to get ya) / my brothas and sistas / we a permanent fixure / we ally together we a lethal mixture / we ride together / we die together / we bad boys and bad girls forever / momentum that we got they might stop us never / break the glass on the killswitch / pull the lever / we represent something that they can’t ignore / revolution being something that they pushed us towards / and it’s here HOO HAA / We represent something that they can’t ignore / revolution being something that they pushed us toward / it’s here INSERT BATTLE CRY HERE** HOO HAA / We represent something that they can’t destroy / Revolution being something that they can’t avoid / it’s here / HOO HAA / We represent something that they can’t ignore / revolution being something that they pushed us toward / it’s here - Sounds about right
Vices 03:57
Weeeeeeee!!! This is my drug song Verse 1: Take a ride inside my spaceship / floatin feelin weightless / designed to take me high / wave goodbye to my acquaintance / all that I desire floats around between the platelets / a state of consciousness in sync like space and time are basic / silence provides the soundtrack / full crowd of folks staring back at me without rap / crack a joke commence laugh / crack a brew commence consumption / feelin bad like Mike Jack if you wanna be starting something / said my oddly aggressive side with all its gumption / to the man in the mirror just steer clear of any and all dysfunction / kids have lost they’re shit they out there dumpin / we don’t need that next procedure to bleed you of what’s been thumpin brotha / breathin might be easy if you banished all the nicotine / witnessed it’s magic as you watched pops vanish / all that mischief managed across the planet / give me a soaked tablet / send me to my inner-sphere away from this madness These are the vices / Take 2 of these set em on your tongue and forget em / strap in for a journey to the great beyond / these are the vices / set yourself at ease / psychedelically / as you frolic through the breeze / talking to the trees about the birds and the bees Verse 2: Spit a flame at whatever be your preference of nail / insert a concentrate inhale / feel the cranium swell / now exhale / feel the feelin that everything’s well / we LOL ponder why gods ever created a hell / ah hell / it doesn’t matter / proceed to that latter half of that bag of weed / darlin save that last drag for me / no need to grab a cab / I still have my keys / you know a stone face was only made to feel a breeze / hoppin in the driver seat / engage the belt / check the mirror / start the engine / then I check myself / turn the radio up to a loud volume / set with a full tank there ain’t no chance we stall soon / all whom / coincide and feel inclined / to get behind the wheel and drive / while mighty high / I’ll throw you five while you flyin by / (my people) / knowing you partaking in the same vices as I These are the vices / Feel the bliss of that / Mary Jane Kiss / let her create a little distance / between you and your instances / These are the vices / Feelin fine / floating on cloud 9 / tryin to relax and unwind / someday I’ll have a mountain to climb / today I’m just chillin Verse 3: Just a glutton for the punishment I guess / a semi masochist who likes the shortness of the breath / and death is just an obstacle which I will surely bound / until I’m wanted at the gates where my resume should astound / I furnished more smiles then I ever have frowns / held up more mother fuckers then let good people down / now if it’s just my luck that disbelief don’t grant me entry / I join the other team / pledge recruit as a sentry / signing up with raiding parties headed for the pantry / I know the shit you stashed is guaranteed to keep me dancing / no speech needed in debrief with whoever’s in charge / if I'm made up in your image / I came with all your flaws / I think I'm high enough / to call that bluff / I’ve withstood every challenge ever conjured up / and I withhold nothing from the ones I love / at the end of the day / y’all are my most potent drug / Y’all are my vices – To my immediate relations / all the ladies I’ve loved / my day 1’s from the hood / and all my Fiddlesticks buds / anyone who supports the crew and the music / I make this request of you / do not cry for me when I’m set to RIP / know it’s been my please to be in the service of each and every one of you / thank you / all the blessings / and I love you!


Luke Skyy’s new album “SandS” lowers the Boom to the Box state!
DENVER, July 2019 – Dead in the middle of summertime, Luke Skyy & the Hybred Collective crew teamed up with the brilliant minds of locally based RMR Studios to compose the MC’s sophomore album. Armed with beats by highly respected Hip Hop producers Mr Kooman, Paradox, Glory Music and Fortunes, the cleverly named “SandS” album features a variety of creative concept songs such as “It’s Here”. The album itself is set to release mid-August when he’ll be ripping down the stage of The Walnut Room, located in Denver’s popular neighborhood, Rino, on August 15th.
After Luke Skyy’s debut album, a project called ‘Thought for Food”, the veteran street poet found himself in demand with the local music scene. Backed by a talented team comprised of artists NME, Cody Reed and Ceejay Franchize, Mr. Skyy leads the way for Hybred Collective to leave its imprint 5280 feet above sea level. With special guest appearance by promising artist Ashlei Brianne, “SandS” looks to be a major move by the Indie artist and label. And, if you’re interested in how the project got its name, look no further than down at Luke’s feet. Socks and sandals. You get it? SandS
So, lets get down to business! What does this album have to offer? Other than witty Game of Thrones references and nerdy superhero themed punch lines, this is what you call you a “2-way conversational piece”. Meaning, it speaks to you and allows you to chime in with your own thoughts, while steering the imagination through storytelling details and ventures. It’s not just an album, it’s an experience! Hear for yourself as we introduce you to “SandS”.
Written by Cj Powell


released August 1, 2019

Tracks 1,4,8 Produced by: Fortunes
Tracks 2,3,6 Produced by: DJ Paradox
Track 5 Produced by: Glory Music
Tracks 7,9,10 Produced by: Mr. Kooman
All songs written and performed by Luke Skyy featuring collaborations with Ceejay Franchize, Cody Reed and Ashlei Brianne
Recorded and Mixed by: Tyler Hayden @ RMR
Mastered by Justin Davis @ RMR


all rights reserved



Luke Skyy Denver, Colorado

Luke Skyy is a hip hop emcee raised in Denver, Co. Luke has distinguished himself from others with his unique flow, hearty bars, and lyrical prowess. His stage presence booms as he commands and distributes big energy throughout every venue he enters. From his first Thawt 4 Food to his most recent effort SandS, this big and jolly emcee has carved out a lane in Hip Hop he can truly call his own. ... more

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